THE Iron Filbert Grand Vin
VINEYARD | iron filbert
WINEMAKER | Jared Etzel
HARVEST DATES | august 24–september 10, 2016
BOTTLING | january 8, 2018
ALCOHOL | 13.9%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

The Iron Filbert Grand Vin is a selection of our finest barrels, showcasing the spectacular pedigree of both the 2016 vintage and the setting of our Dundee estate. Aromatically the wine presents fresh violet, mineral notes of iron, blackberry compote and a subtle hint of spearmint. The palate is fresh and has a vibrant raspberry and rosewater flavor. The tannins are supple and soft but bolstered by vibrant, fruit-driven acidity, which should allow this wine to age well for 10 or more years of pleasure.

The 2016 vintage is a hypothetical chimera of the 2013 and the 2015 seasons; it started warm and early, similar to 2013 while nearing the cumulative heat of 2015. This produced spectacular ripe, round, fruit-driven and balanced wines. These climate conditions made for vines with plenty of vigor and a very early véraison on the last week of July for our Iron Filbert Vineyard. Harvest started on August 24th and continued into the first week of September. Our small vineyard had 10 individual picks to ensure complexity and optimal ripeness. The earlier pick date, combined with more leaf coverage, allowed us to showcase the timeless Oregon Pinot profile of lush fruit and an elegant balance. The wine brings powerful fruit whilst being light on its feet.

The Winery

Marc-André Roy and winemaker Jared Etzel established Domaine Roy & fils in 2012 to celebrate their heritage and continue the winemaking history of their fathers, who founded Beaux Frères Winery in 1991. Through meticulous stewardship of the land, a minimalist winemaking approach and a commitment to organic farming, Domaine Roy & fils wines exhibit a full expression of vintage and terroir.

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