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LOT 81

Le Choix de St. Dolores
VINEYARD | st. dolores
APPELLATION | chehalem mountains
WINEMAKER | jim prosser
ALCOHOL | 13.75%
PRODUCTION |  60 BOTTLES / 5 cases


The Wine

J.K. Carriere's signature move is building Pinot noir of “power and grace” that can age. We balance substantial wines on the back of some of the highest natural acidities found amongst domestic Pinot noir. This bottling is a massive dark fruit attack with hints of fresh currant, rose petal, crimson spice, passion fruit and crème brûlée. Exhibiting lovely movement on the palate, it’s luscious, balanced, long and persistent. “The Choice of St. Dolores,” graced with our mother’s name, is the highest lift from our estate vineyard. It’s proof that one’s gaze can, and maybe should, be well above the acid horizon.

The WInery

“It’s more important to know what you want to be, than to grow up.”

My name is Jim Prosser, and I started the beautiful chaos that is J.K. Carriere. Twenty-five years in wine, and now twenty years at JKC, in due course I became we, and we purposefully craft just 4,500 cases of acid-centered Pinot noir, some bubbles, rosé and a little Chardonnay from our winery on a mountain in Oregon. Ageworthy and reference-quality wines reflect epiphanies, but are primarily meant for moments, big and small, around a table. We are, in fact, what we want to be.

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