Open Claim Coury
open claim
block | 4
clone | coury
APPELLATION | willamette valley
WINEMAKER | Richard Martinoff
ALCOHOL | 13.8%
PRODUCTION |  20 cases


The Wine

Open Claim is a wonderful place, slightly off the beaten path—an old soul of a vineyard in a younger body. On entry: Stop the car, open the gate, look to your right. A pagoda awaits in the distance, woven into Christmas trees. Tidal waves of light move over the gold roof; the winds become still and obedient. Nestled in serenity and in its own form of mystery the pagoda overlooks this place.

I walk through Block 4, volcanic Jory red soil staining my boots. The vines are well nurtured, confident, attentive, focused. I draw my attention to the shoot tips and see hawks; ospreys shoot through the sky as the sun shines on all of us. It’s 2016 and heat is abundant and the fruit will be ready and ripe before the fall rains have a chance to wreak havoc.

The clusters: large, juicy hand grenades. The Coury clone is not widely planted, and somewhat enigmatic. Charles Coury, an early pioneer in the Oregon wine industry, brought the clone over from France in the 1960s in a suitcase but never disclosed the clonal selection type. Each day closer to harvest, the joy of the fruit starts to emerge from its cocoon of acid and sugar to show its truth, its potential.

The wine is a mixture of rubies, velvet and freshly picked blackberries, so ripe they stain your fingers. Rich, opulent, complex, it stands well on its own or as a great companion to a memorable meal.

This wine is special to us: its uniqueness, its expression, its terroir. The balance of acid and tannin will allow it to age gracefully and nobly. With a mysterious French lineage, now at home in Oregon thanks to one of the early pioneers of the Oregon wine industry, this wine has a story to tell. We hope you enjoy. Salud!

The Winery

Originally founded in 1996, Joel Gott Wines has been making Oregon wines since 2010. All of our Oregon wines are produced and bottled in Oregon by a team with nearly 40 years of experience in the Oregon wine industry.

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