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LOT 73

E Pluribus
VINEYARD | le cadeau
blocks | Merci, Diversité
clones | Calera, Mt. Eden, Swan, VR122, Hanzell, Dijon 114, Dijon 115
APPELLATION | chehalem mountains
WINEMAKER | Jim Sanders
BOTTLING | february 14, 2019
ALCOHOL | 13.3%
PRODUCTION |  60 BOTTLES / 5 cases


The Wine

“E Pluribus”—out of many:  A fitting name for a wine grown in many rocks, from many clones, and farmed by implements with many wounds. To some in the Willamette Valley, Le Cadeau is known for “splitting split hairs”—our attention to detail is nothing short of tedious. That is what we do—we pay attention to the many, many, details. E Pluribus is a blend of Pinot noir known for exceptional aromatic and flavor qualities: Calera, Swan, Mt. Eden and VR122. Small amounts of bright-red Hanzell, spicy Dijon 114 and voluptuous Dijon 115 were added for further complexity. This unique Auction wine was blended by winemaker Jim Sanders from select barrels destined for our reserve cuvées, Merci and Pierre. We anticipate that the owners of E Pluribus will suddenly find many new friends.

The Winery

The estate-grown wines of Le Cadeau showcase the unique and varied attributes of the Le Cadeau Estate Vineyard. At 700 feet of elevation on the south slope of Parrett Mountain, Le Cadeau is located at the southern-tip of the Chehalem Mountains AVA. It is an extraordinary site with soils composed almost exclusively of broken volcanic basalt cobbles. Home to a diverse mix of heritage, traditional, and Dijon clones of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, Le Cadeau’s LIVE-certified fruit produces wines that are known for deep and complex flavors accented with signature mineral and spice nuances.

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