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Malprofunda / Profunda
blocks | 1, 23
clones | pommard, 777
WINEMAKER | Thomas Savre
HARVEST DATE | september 10, 2017
BOTTLING | february 7, 2019
PRODUCTION |  60 bottles / 5 cases


The Wine

Lingua Franca’s Malprofunda/Profunda comes from a mixture of the highest block on the Lingua Franca Estate, on shallow Gelderman soils, with the lowest block, on the deeper Jory soils partially mixed with Missoula Flood sediments. The higher elevation is planted to the structured Dijon Clone PN777, while the more energetic lower block has the richer and more productive Pommard Clone. These two blocks provide complex, nuanced flavors, even though they are of a quite diverse nature. The wine feels supple and rich on the entry and yet has a pleasant firmness in the finish. It was wild yeast fermented with traditional pigeage and 20% new French cooperage.

When Larry Stone looked for an exceptional site in the region, he was fortunate to find the Lingua Franca Estate. This east-facing slope on shallower Nekia, Gelderman and Jory soils was as yet unplanted, so each block could be provided with vines suited to the various soil depths and elevations on the vineyard. Thomas Savre has handled the winemaking with a deft hand and created our best Auction offering to date. Malprofunda/Profunda means Shallow/Profound in Esperanto. The name is a play on the mix of soils, as well as to the joyous yet serious work of wine.

The Winery

Lingua Franca is a partnership of Master Sommelier Larry Stone, a native of the Pacific Northwest; Dominique Lafon, an iconic producer of Burgundy; and David Honig, a successful attorney. Thomas Savre is the winemaker, the head of his class in Dijon, who has extensive experience in Burgundy, including a stage at DRC and Domaine Dujac, before joining Dominique Lafon in Oregon. Lingua Franca is founded on a 66-acre vineyard. It is also leasing a 5-acre block of Chardonnay on Bunker Hill in Salem, planted in 1995 to Dijon Clone 76. Our farming is informed by biodynamic and organic principles.

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