Plum Hill back.jpg

LOT 45

plum hill
block | north slope
clones | 115, 667, 777
APPELLATION | willamette valley
WINEMAKER | RJ Lint and Shannon Carrigan
HARVEST DATEs | october 19–20, 2017
BOTTLING | february 20, 2019
ALCOHOL | 11.7%
PRODUCTION |  120 bottles / 10 cases


The Wine

2017 was a true dilemma for the crew at Plum Hill. Our first challenge came about in March when the tractor got stuck in three feet of mud, which took a whole day to un-stick. Later, strong winds blew the roof off of the storage building, narrowly missing the vineyard! Subsequently, harvest hit with three times the crop yield ever seen at Plum Hill, thanks to a new foliar fertilizer. Finally, we bought seven new fermentation bins and ten new tanks, and one of those tanks cracked. We hope you enjoy our bold, resilient, acid-driven wine appropriately named The Dilemma!

Plum Hill Vineyards is a boutique family-run winery with an average case production of 2,500 cases. Being a smaller winery, we are able to constantly experiment with different winemaking techniques. We use small-lot fermenters, half-ton and up, that allow us to work with smaller lots and home in on the characteristics of each lot.  The 2017 vintage allowed us to try out new yeasts and age the wine in a variety of different aged barrels. Our vines are dry-farmed, hand-pruned, hand-harvested, and loved deeply by the crew here at Plum Hill. We have a variety of grape varieties planted including Pinot noir, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Riesling, Syrah, and Schönburger. We are extremely dog-friendly and enjoy seeing all the new furry faces customers bring to our tasting room.

The Winery

Plum Hill Vineyards was supposed to be a retirement project that quickly turned into a full-time winery and passion for owners RJ and Juanita Lint. This tag-teaming duo have created a winery and tasting room that welcome and bring together every customer as family and provide exceptional wines at the same time. Built out of a historic dairy nestled between Forest Grove and Gaston, Plum Hill has rich soils that flow across the rolling hills that create healthy vines and wonderfully balanced wines. We welcome you to come and enjoy a charming family-run winery that showcases diverse and delicious wines.

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