VINEYARDs | Bramble Hill, Bednarik, Filament
APPELLATION | willamette valley
WINEMAKER | Jerry Murray
BOTTLING | september 15, 2017
ALCOHOL | 14.1%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

Julius Caesar's words Alea Iacta Est, “the die has been cast,” symbolize chance, fate and the power of returning to one's home. Meg and Jerry Murray rolled the dice in 2016 when they decided to return home to the Willamette Valley and launch PROJECT M. Alea is a tribute to the Willamette Valley, its wines, and its community. Created exclusively for the auction, Alea was meticulously blended from five barrels sourced from three vineyards. Alea embodies the PROJECT M manifesto: honest wines of purity, precision and alluring elegance without excess or imitation. Though the balance of her proportions is classical in nature, her beauty is purely Willamette Valley.

The Winery

Founded in 2016 by Meg and Jerry Murray, PROJECT M was born out of the combined thirty years of industry experience of its creators. At PROJECT M, winemaking, like life, is a process of purification—the brushing away of all but the essential. We believe things made in this way are not objects but experiences, and that, when shared, these experiences make a better world. We produce small quantities of Pinot noir, Riesling, Chardonnay and rosé that we hope find a place at your table.

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