sin pantalones
Gran Moraine winery estate
block | 1A
clone | pommard
APPELLATION | Yamhill-Carlton
WINEMAKERs | Adam Lee and Ryan Zepaltas
BOTTLING | february 1, 2018
ALCOHOL | 13.5%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

A special lot from our favorite block at the Gran Moraine Winery Vineyard. This non-irrigated, Pommard selection with an odd, North-facing slope has emerged as our favorite over the years. This wine was inspired by our neverending quest to push the envelope in our winemaking. At Siduri we are no strangers to stem inclusion on our fermentations. In 2016, the grapes were perfectly ripe and the stems were, too. This situation gave us no option but to go “all in” with a 100% whole cluster ferment. Since the whole bunches made it impossible to pump over or punch down, we were required to remove our pants and hop in the fermenter for some good ol’ foot stomping to assist with extraction and to help initiate fermentation.

The Winery

Siduri specializes in cool-climate Pinot noir, producing wines from five major AVAs spanning from California's Santa Barbara county to Oregon's Willamette valley. Why? Because we believe that great wine is made in the vineyard. To that end, we’ve developed long-term relationships with some of the West’s most sought-after growers and vineyards. We purchase the majority of our fruit by the acre rather than the ton. We also believe in minimal intervention so that the winemaking forwards, rather than overshadows, what happens in the vineyard. To that end, our wines are unfiltered and unfined, maximizing the expression of these very diverse sites. 

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