VINEYARDS | Domaine Danielle Laurent, Janice
block | 15
clones | Pommard & Dijon 114
APPELLATION | Yamhill-Carlton
WINEMAKERS | Laurent Montalieu and Bruno Corneaux
BOTTLING | January 24, 2018
ALCOHOL | 13.9%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

Deux Vignerons (“Two Vintners” in French) Chardonnay for the 2016 Auction is the collaboration between Laurent Montalieu, winemaker of Soléna Estates, and Bruno Corneaux, winemaker of Domaine Divio. Their partnership in this barrel is the expression of the freshness and complexity of the two vineyards they chose in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA where they know that the brightness of the fruit will shine in the wine: Domaine Danielle Laurent Vineyard and Janice Vineyard. “Deux Vignerons” is also about harmony. Bruno and Laurent believe that a wine should evoke emotions, their search for purity, elegance, mineral complexity, almost ethereal texture that they believe Chardonnay must achieve. They taste berries together regularly when maturity approaches and they always try to balance ripeness with the most acidity retention, the liveliness of Chardonnay and Pinot noir. Harvested early in the season of 2016, the grapes were sourced from field blends to increase complexity and not be influenced by a specific vine clone. Bruno and Laurent both believe the wine should take its time. Slow fermentation in French oak barrels with a special lees regimen to create roundness and enhance complexity. Slow malolactic fermentation to integrate the oak and marry the flavors, adding length and structure to the vibrant acidity. Their collaboration with Deux Vignerons is more than a wine creation, it is an artistic ballet.

The WIneries

Laurent Montalieu, winemaker of Soléna Estate, and Bruno Corneaux, winemaker of Domaine Divio, both French natives, have been friends since they met in the Willamette Valley 22 years ago. Laurent and Bruno worked together for the last 8 years and share all viticulture and winemaking decisions at Laurent’s production facility, Northwest Wine Company. It made sense for them to create a wine together. They both have a passion for geology and share the idea that greatness in a wine has a lot to do with the roots of the vines, the respect of the land and the sense of place reflected in their wines.