JANUARY 15 - Complimentary Bidder Tickets must be used - click for your winery code and access the ticket page (click on "Enter promo code" to use your winery code)

JANUARY 15 - Wine Information Form Due


  • Send personal notes and make calls to prospective buyers using materials provided - see "promotions" below including tip sheet, information sheet, and digital invitation.
  • Secure two bidders who plan to bid on your wine. This helps the auction be successful and lively, but it also helps build your trade relationships and make the most of your participation in the auction. These buyers are your partners and our advocates for Willamette Valley wine.
  • Register your two designated bidders with your complimentary tickets. These two tickets are only for eligible bidders and are subject to review by the steering committee. The sooner the better, but complimentary tickets must be RESERVED BY JANUARY 15


  • Invitation Tip Sheet - who is eligible to attend the auction, how to find a designated bidder, how to invite buyers.
  • Auction Information Sheet - a one-pager with all pertinent auction details; share this with prospective buyers.
  • Digital Invitation - email this to your trade contacts and invite them to attend! Print cards are available. Email or call the office to request a supply. (Envelopes also available if you want to mail.)


  • Pick up Saverglass Agape bottles at Oregon Wine Services & Storage in Tualatin. Call 503-474-9800 to arrange a pick-up time. Pick up one extra case for samples.
  • Receive corks – Bruce Felix from Pacific Winemaking will deliver your DIAM 10 Tradition 49mm corks to your winery. Contact Bruce at to coordinate.
  • Receive label packet (labels, wax, pen, instruction sheet) from the office in mid-March.
  • Sign and number your bottles—winemaker signature and hand-numbering on front label.