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LOT 32

Claim No. 945
Abbott Claim
WINEMAKER | Alban Debeaulieu
BOTTLING | september 4, 2018
PRODUCTION |  60 bottles / 5 cases


The Wine

In 2001, Ken Wright planted a vineyard on the ancient marine sediments of the Savannah Ridge, an east-to-west formation a couple of miles outside of Carlton, Oregon. The vineyard was named Abbott Claim, after John F. Abbott of New York, a pioneer who in 1857, claimed this hillside as his own.

In the heart of the slope, where the fractured sedimentary sandstone is at its shallowest, the storied vines of Abbott Claim consistently yield wines that are particularly dense, vibrant and delicious.

This Auction lot is named Claim No. 945, after John F. Abbott’s Donation Land Claim established on May 27, 1857.

With the intention of capturing this most uncompromising expression of terroir, we allow the grapes to ferment naturally and look to assemble the wines from these few sections, where the vines have no other choice but to dig their roots deep into the old sandstone’s cracks, competing for water and nutrients, and ultimately providing us with a wine of unmistakable personality.

The Winery

Antony and Angela Beck invested in Oregon in 2005 purchasing their first property in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. They worked with friend and winemaker, Ken Wright, and his team for 13 years, developing Yamhill-Carlton vineyards and wines along the way. Alban Debeaulieu joined the team in May 2017, working alongside Wright. He will take over the winemaking completely next year. Debeaulieu studied and worked in Burgundy and Beaujolais before his migration to Oregon in 2013.

The Becks make wine on both hemispheres with their South African sparkling winery, Graham Beck, and their Oregon winery, Angela Estate.

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