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LOT 60

clones | Pommard, Wädenswil, DIJON
APPELLATION | ribbon ridge
WINEMAKER | Michael D. Etzel
HARVEST DATES | september 17–october 5, 2017
BOTTLING | november 16, 2018
ALCOHOL | 13.5%
PRODUCTION |  60 bottles / 5 caseS


The Wine

Given the rich and decidedly phenolic character of the 2017 vintage, winemaker Michael D. Etzel and his team identified a collection of barrels in our cellar that warranted an experiment with a regiment known as bâtonnage—the French term for stirring the fine lees that settle at the base of a barrel. The process produced a wine with discernibly unique character, one that we feel captures the elegant yet visceral soul of our estate vineyards.

This wine possesses quintessential verve and intricacy, high-noted red and blue fruit, flower shop aromatics, acidity that sings all the way through the finish, and a balance that is both consistent and distinguished.

The Winery

Since our first release, the Beaux Frères philosophy remains the same: to produce world-class Pinot noir that represents the uncompromised essence of Mother Nature. Our operation is low on technology and high on personality; low on analytics and high on intuition. Farmed with open hearts and a generous spirit, the human element of our efforts coupled with the singular terroir of the Ribbon Ridge make Beaux Frères wines distinct.

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