brian's best barrels
APPELLATION | Willamette Valley
WINEMAKER | Brian Marcy
HARVEST DATES | SEPTEMBER 25–october 5, 2016
BOTTLING | september 5, 2017
ALCOHOL | 13.9%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

Brian tastes barrels in the cellar with a piece of chalk in his back pocket, and when he gets to a barrel that's exceptional he gives it a '+'. Then there is the handful that get a '++'. Those with this seemingly simple but meaningful distinction go into this blend. This is a tiny lot Brian blended to create a wine that is balanced and fresh yet built to age gracefully.

The Winery

Big Table Farm is the collaborative effort of Brian Marcy and Clare Carver. We are a winemaker and an artist; we grow and produce what we love to eat and drink. In 2006 we moved to Oregon from Napa, where Brian had been working in wine for ten years. We started with a dream and made our first 150 cases in 2006. And now, just over ten years after we took the leap, we have developed our land into a working farm and built a winery. We are deeply grateful for the chance to build this dream and share it.

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