block | Anam Cara rows, Wädenswil Block
clones | Wädenswil, Dijon 114, Dijon 115
APPELLATION | Chehalem Mountains
WINEMAKERs | Nick and Sheila Nicholas
BOTTLING | september 12, 2017
ALCOHOL | 13.8%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


The Wine

A warm, dry summer and full ripeness at harvest brought the vineyard’s signature profile of dusty elegance into focus for the Sláinte blend. Cooling winds kept rapid ripening in check, allowing for great balance, acids to support structure and just enough hang time to produce exceptional depth of flavor in the wine. Nicholas Vineyard is a stunning site, hidden in the hills above Newberg, with varying soils, wonderful winds, great drainage and vines that are entering their prime. Over years of farming the land and observing its rhythm, Nick and Sheila have learned that the vineyard responds well to a lighter touch both in winemaking and viticulture, most likely due to its location and exposure. Vines are planted in a north/south direction to take advantage of the curvature of the Earth and bring sunlight to every leaf, and they farm naturally, sowing wildflower cover crops to encourage beneficial insects, and building colorful nest boxes for bluebirds in the spring. While a large part of the vineyard is now in the stewardship of good friends, the Nicholas family continues to live on the property and make wine from the five or so acres around their home. Sláinte: the Celtic toast to health ("slawn-cha")!

The Winery

The words Anam Cara are Celtic for "friend of my soul" and speak to rare relationships that span time and distance. For Nick and Sheila, the words represent the vineyard they planted at the turn of the century, the wines it gives us, and friends who enjoy them together. Sláinte: to health ("slawn-cha")!

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