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LOT 40

colene clemens
cloneS | 115, 777, Pommard
APPELLATION | chehalem mountains
WINEMAKER | stephen goff
ALCOHOL | 14.1%
PRODUCTION |  60 BOTTLES / 5 cases


The Wine

The Quarry is our special cuvée, crafted from a careful selection of fruit from our most proven blocks of vines. It is a tribute to those who came before us, to those who had worked diligently in different pursuits, to make something productive of this stone-laden, steep hillside.

First there were the homesteaders, those hearty souls that strove to eke out a living on this thin soiled, rocky patch of land. The old barn at the entrance to the vineyard off Dopp Road is the last remaining testament to their labor. One can only imagine and admire the pioneering spirit that drove them, and hope that they were rewarded for their efforts.

Later, much later, there were those that sought to turn all that rock into something useful:  a quarry. Several tried but all discovered what we would find out in time: there was certainly enough rock to destroy every piece of farm equipment employed, but not enough to support a quarry.

What might have been a massive scar on the land has become Colene Clemens Vineyards, our perfect place to grow the most difficult of grape varieties, Pinot noir. All that basalt stone, a bane to others, is a boon for us. Those stones, in combination with the myriad of elements found in our soil, add a complexity that can’t be quantified but is certainly there to be enjoyed.

We at Colene Clemens hope that our wine, The Quarry, is deemed by you to be a worthy testament to all that came before us.


The Winery

Colene Clemens was founded in 2005 by Joe and Victoria Stark with the express purpose of making exceptional Pinot noir. The property is named in honor of Victoria’s mother, Colene Clemens. Spanning 122 acres where the Chehalem Mountains converge with Ribbon Ridge, the estate vineyard contains both sedimentary and volcanic soils. Elevation climbs from 350 to 650 feet, where the winery perches with sweeping views of the Coast Range and Valley. Currently 59 acres are planted to Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Winemaker and vineyard manager Stephen Goff has overseen production of our wines since the first vintage in 2008.

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