Hidden Jewel
blocks | 7 mix blocks (upland Prairie), Sofia's Block
clones | Pommard, Heirloom, Dijon 667
BOTTLING | october 17, 2017
ALCOHOL | 14.2%
PRODUCTION |  5 cases


THe Wine

Cramoisi Hidden Jewel will express the place where it grows, the terroir that distinguishes Dundee Hills AVA and the love and passion the winegrowers have for the vines. Vibrant, elegant and mysterious with great balance, Cramoisi Hidden Jewel will captivate your palate with exquisite flavors of silky red berries, dry cranberries, rainy forest, truffles and savory notes with floral aromas. Cramoisi Hidden Jewel comes from the finest grape clusters that grow in Cramoisi Vineyard, farmed with care using organic and ancient methods to express in each bottle the eminence of Pinot noir. Cramoisi Hidden Jewel expresses the essence of the place where it grows. The terroir, which is mostly volcanic, will show the complexity, elegance and balance of Pinot noir. Every sip will reveal the captivating aromas of fruit components such as red berries, earthiness and truffle forest and fresh floral aromas that are the essence of Oregon. As growers we are constantly touching the vines, nurturing them with obsessive attention to develop their full potential. Cramoisi Hidden Jewel comes from a site in the Dundee Hills on one of only two sets of hills that sit completely inside the Willamette Valley rather than being located on the mountain foothills at the valley’s edge. Cramoisi Vineyard sits perfectly between 500 and 600 feet of elevation in the middle of the slope, where you would typically find a Grand Cru. 

The Winery

Our adventure started in 2012. The name Cramoisi embodies the delightful crimson clover that blankets the vineyard every spring. Vibrant, elegant, and earthy, Cramoisi reflects the color, beauty and complexity of our wines. We have 11 blocks of Pinot noir, all of which are unique soil and clone/rootstock combinations. Our clones are a mix of the best clones from Oregon’s first Pinot plantings (Pommard), Dijon clones imported from Burgundy (667, 777) and more rare heirloom clones such as Holstein and Vosne-Romanée (clone 122). Cramoisi Vineyard sits perfectly between 500 and 600 feet of elevation in the middle of the slope, where you would typically find a Grand Cru. Our farming philosophy follows ancient practices to work in balance with Mother Nature, growing the best possible boutique, ultra-premium wines in the Dundee Hills AVA of Oregon.

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